Exterior and Interior Painting

JC Renovations LLC offers full, quality painting services for any interior or exterior surface of your home or building. Among the painting services we offer are full preparation and removal of existing paint. We offer painting, staining, and finishing services and take care of a range of decorative and custom finish needs. From new construction to restoration projects and regardless of the size and scale of your project, we’ve got you covered. JC Renovations LLC will give you outstanding results that reflect the company’s commitment to dedication, perfection, and client satisfaction. At JC Renovations LLC, we stand for perfecting our craft and mastering new technology so as to give our clients the most valued end product. We’ve implemented and enhanced the necessary painting and coating techniques and the use of reliable tools and equipment to ensure optimal quality, aesthetic value, and durability.  Some specific exterior paint jobs JC Renovations LLC covers are sidings, garages, decks, sheds, playhouses, shutters, doors, window frames, and trims. Interior paint jobs we cover include bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living and dining rooms, cabinetry, pantries, and garages and floors.

Ceramic Tile

JC Renovations LLC offers prompt and dependable ceramic and porcelain tile installation, repair, restoration, and finishing services that ensure high quality and lasting results. With our procedures and techniques, adopted and enhanced to secure precision within our results, you can rest assured that we will actualize the elegant and sophisticated appeal you have been looking for with your existing or newly selected ceramic or porcelain tile floor(s) and/or surface(s).  With our restoration and refinishing services, we will give your ceramic or porcelain tile floor or surface a completely refreshing look that will instantly beautify your home. Additionally, we will assist you with selecting the ceramic tile that best suits your specific project and that better reflects your preferences.



We provide various services to assist you with any fix, replacement, or installation of your home’s plumbing system or any part of it, including any fixture or faucet. For new constructions we perform comprehensive plumbing system installations and for renovations we have extensive experience in re-piping and renovating existing systems. Kitchen and bath remodeling, furthermore, form part of JC Renovation LLC’s plumbing remodeling services. We have the proper, advanced and reliable techniques and equipment to assist you with your plumbing issue or project, however minor or complex. We do so by firstly being upfront about our diagnosis of the issue or the project execution. We also apprise you at all times about the status of your plumbing system and our work progress. We also assist you with any decision to ensure, first and foremost, that you feel at ease with it as well as with the entire process.  JC Renovations LLC, accordingly, also offers complete drain cleaning, sewer and water repair and replacement, and trenchless sewer repair. We repair other issues pertaining to leaks, frozen pipes, drains, sewer lines, clogged toilet or faucet, low flow faucet or shower head, sump pumps, and flooding, among others.


JC Renovations LLC performs all of your carpentry needs, from crown molding installation, repair, and restoration to wood framing installation and repair. Our carpentry services virtually cover any wooden element of your home’s interior or exterior. Accordingly, we install and repair all types of millwork, including any kind of molding and trim (baseboards, wainscoting panels, batten panels, etc.). We also install and construct built-in room elements, such as bookcases, as well as fireplace mantels and shutters, among other types of woodwork. JC Renovations LLC also builds interior and exterior stair cases and railing systems.  Moreover, we perform drywall repairs, moldy and rotten wood replacements, and wood staining. Our exterior services include siding, trim board and fascia repair and replacement.  Deck and fence building, replacement, restoration and repairs all form part of those exterior services JC Renovations LLC.



JC Renovations LLC will put its expertise, experience, and professionalism into materializing the look you’ve been longing to give your bathroom. We’ve got extensive knowledge to assist you in designing your bathroom’s renovation project. We install everything from ceramic tile surfaces and flooring to walk-in bathtubs. Likely, we renovate and repair any element in your bathroom, from a plumbing matter to any wear and tear on your floors, walls, or fixtures.


We provide bathroom building and renovation services that are designed to ensure your preferences are reflected in the entire project. Whether you want to redesign your kitchen or create an open floor plan, our results will ensure your full satisfaction. We provide cabinet, floor, and countertop installation, replacement, and repair services. Moreover, we work with all types of materials and will provide you with our knowledgeable assistance throughout the process of the project’s execution.



JC Renovations LLC offers full service residential and commercial roofing, which includes, but is not limited to, roof installation, replacement, repairs, siding and sheet metal work. Our expertise allows us to provide you with the adequate and lost lasting solutions to your roofing problems. We can quickly identify and repair any leak that may have resulted from any of various roofing problems. We also offer gutter and downspout cleaning. We, furthermore, work with all types of shingles, including cedar, slate, concrete, asphalt, among others. We additionally install gutters, fascia, and other.


Whether your siding is discolored or has cracks, gaping holes or any other sign of wear and tear, JC Renovations LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional siding installation, replacement, and repair services. These include re-nailing, caulking, sealing, painting, power washing, among other processes. We work with all kinds of sidings, from vinyl to fiber cement siding. You need not look any further, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the kind of assistance that can ensure your absolute satisfaction.


General Home Repairs

JC Renovations LLC is your go to company for all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs, as we will give you permanent solutions to the problems you are experiencing. We offer carpentry and masonry services; gutter and drain cleaning; roof check and repair; window and door sealing; all kinds of appliance, fixture, surface, and flooring, and structural installations; furnace and plumbing repairs and maintenance; refinishing services for any horizontal or vertical surface; among many other services. You will be satisfied not only with our results but with the actual service that you will be provided by JC Renovations LLC, a company that has been serving the Maryland and Washington, D.C. communities for twenty years and is dedicated to doing so for many more.


We offer reliable and affordable deck installation, repair, maintenance, restoration and refinishing services that will give your home or building’s exterior optimal aesthetic and functional value. JC Renovations LLC works will all types of decking, from treated to composite. The best way to prolong the life of your deck and to avoid any kind of structural problem, is to give it regular maintenance. Our services covered all refinishing processes, including, but not limited to, sanding, special cleaning, pressure washing, application of protectors, and sealing processes. We repair and replace discolored, damaged, and rotted deck boards. JC Renovation LLC is the company to rely on for any deck, gazebo, or pergola installation. We perform all of our services timely and with absolute honesty and professionalism to give you the kinds of results that you are expecting.


Power Wash

With JC Renovation LLC’s residential and commercial power washing services you can be sure to expect unrivaled quality workmanship and results that will leave your property shining. We service a full range of surfaces and structures, including any concrete, siding, plastic, textile, stone, brick or wooden surface. Low pressure roof cleaning, window washing, oil stain removals, deck staining and restoration, and gutter cleaning all form part of the services we provide to our commercial and residential clients.  With reliable technology and the proper procedures, we provide all power washing services with meticulous attention to accuracy to protect your property from getting damaged and to give you a highly satisfying end result.

Brick and Stone Masonry

We offer a host of masonry services which include new construction and restoration of existing brick and stone structures and surfaces. JC Renovations LLC, accordingly, offers masonry rebuilding, stone repairs, tuckpointing, flashing remediation, and in-fill and cut-out services. We, additionally, install pavers; build retaining walls; repair cracks and leaks; waterproof brick and stone surfaces; and replace brick and concrete lintel. JC Renovations LLC also offers services pertaining to chimneys that include, but are not limited to, construction, extension, rebuilding, and tuckpoint. We build stone and brick veneers, stairs, columns, porches, fireplaces, barbeques, walkways and all other kinds of structures and surfaces.  Additionally, we clean, patch, and replace brick, stone, and concrete.



With our unrivaled workmanship, extensive experience, and mastering of innovative and reliable techniques and technology, we perform a host of concrete services. These virtually encompass all flat wok; that is, making horizontal useful surfaces with concrete, such as driveways, interior slabs and floors. We also build foundations and architectural walls, which encompass vertical design work. Moreover, JC Renovations LLC offers concrete staining, sealing, repair, polishing, and waterproofing services.